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Bridle Bit Ranch Beef

12655 N Sanders Rd, Marana, AZ, USA
Marana, AZ

Bridle Bit Ranch

From our family to yours--THANK YOU for your interest in buying local beef!

We are fourth generation cattle ranchers running a traditional mother cow calf operation in Southern Arizona. Bridle Bit Ranch's journey started long before we moved onto it. The ranch was founded in the 1940's and we are only the third owners of the Bridle Bit. When we moved to the ranch we acquired the cattle herd with the ranch. Therefore, most of our Brangus cows genetics date back to the original cows that roamed the Santa Cruz river in the 1940's. We have brought in some of the best bred bulls to cross on these Brangus mother cows. Resulting in a calf that can reach butchering weight within 12 months to 14 months.

We send our steers to the processer at 950-1,000 pounds, most operations process at 1,200-1,500 pounds. We have found that processing steers in the 950-1,000 pound range results in a leaner carcass, perfect size steaks, less cut waste and doesn't take up as much freezer space. Our calves are raised along the Santa Cruz river, once weaned we finish our calves on our irrigated pastures. Our pastures, depending on season, are planted with a variety of grasses, legumes, and brassica. The variety of vegetation offered, coupled with the low processing weight creates great flavored beef without the typical grass fed flavor which can be perceived as gamey. We can also provide grain finished steers upon request.

We Take Our Job Seriously

We are so proud and humble of the part we play in so many people’s lives. A huge “Thank You” to our customers!!
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