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Bridle Bit Ranch Beef

12655 N Sanders Rd, Marana, AZ, USA
Marana, AZ


The belly rules the mind.


Approx. Weight: 18.68 lbs
Est. Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Weeks
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Natural. Ranch Raised 100% Grass-Fed Arizona Beef.

The heart knows what it wants, so do yourself a favor and get cookin' some comfort food. We could all use those savory, gluttonous meals these days. Whatever it is that you want, you just want it to make you feel better. It’s amazing how much food can change a mood. From French dip sliders to enchiladas and philly cheesesteak quesadillas, your family and pals will be asking for seconds and thirds with our premium, local grass-fed beef. These 6 gloriously tender roasts will certainly provide plenty of comfort food bliss.

2- Rump Roast (5.44 lbs)
2- Chuck Roasts (7.46 lbs)
2- Rib Roasts (5.78 lbs)

Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility.

We are fourth generation cattle ranchers running a traditional mother cow calf operation in Southern Arizona. Located near Marana, Bridle Bit Ranch's journey started long before we moved onto it. The ranch was founded in the 1940's and we are only the third owners of the Bridle Bit. When we moved to the ranch we acquired the cattle herd with the ranch. Therefore, most of our Brangus cows genetics date back to the original cows that roamed the Santa Cruz river in the 1940's. We have found that processing steers in the 950-1,000 pound range results in a leaner carcass, perfect size steaks, less cut waste and doesn't take up as much freezer space. Our calves are raised along the Santa Cruz river, once weaned we finish them on our irrigated pastures. Our pastures, depending on season, are planted with a variety of grasses, legumes, and brassica. The variety of vegetation offered, coupled with the low processing weight creates great flavored beef without the typical grass fed flavor which can be perceived as gamey. The taste, texture and tenderness of our grass fed- grass finished Arizona beef will truly change how you buy. Grocery store meat doesn't hold a candle to Bridle Bit Ranch Beef.

Delivery Instructions

FREE delivery on orders $150 and above.
Once you place an order with us we will reach out to coordinate an ideal delivery date and time.

BULK ORDERS: [1/4, 1/2, Whole Beef] FREE DELIVERY
We will take care of all the butchering details and will have your meat frozen and packaged, ready to be delivered. If you've ordered a half or whole, after ordering you will receive a cut sheet from us, which allows you to select your preferences for cuts. We will coordinate an ideal delivery date and time.